Christine’s passion is taking businesses from their inception to their fruition. Everything from startups to redesigns of established brands, her website and print mastery is often what makes a company stand out and above the rest. For the past five years, Christine has streamlined her artistic and strategic process to take a fraction of the time, often getting an entire site up in just a week!

Her talents are fueled by her love of doing good things for good people. Her targeted skills build from there. With a masters in social sciences and bachelors in sociology, her awareness of our human social make up helps customize the work to her clients specific needs.

Years of experience in project management and being a division director for most of that time, enable Christine to remain organized while doing her creative work at the same time.

Her background is in teaching and bilingual education, which only adds to her natural ability to support the human experience. She can develop your online and print needs with your audience’s experience in mind at all times. This is the way to speak directly to your customers, make them feel welcome, at ease, and motivated to engage with your company.

She is a specialist. She is an expert. She’s also fluent in Spanish! We are incredibly lucky to have Christine here as part of Team Maryjane.